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Notifications/announcements for respective Brown Bag Lunches or Seminar Series are sent through these mailing lists. Contact various list that you are interested in for membership. Please recommend lists that you'd like to see receive BBL emails including info about the subject/focus of the email lists.

Every notification/announcement

  • HCIL mailing list (
  • MITH (;

Major announcements/seminars

  • FYI ( (To post to the FYI list go to and select "Submit Request" at the top of the page.)
  • UMIAC (
  • Computer Science gradlist (
  • Computer Science faculty (
  • HCIL-DC listserv (
  • iSchool faculty (
  • iSchool discussion (

Subject Specific Lists

  • Educational Department (;;)
  • Business department (Send talk announcements to Send calendar talk announcements to
  • School of Journalism
  • Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2) (

Undergraduate access points

  • CS undergrad mailing list ( (Contact Brandi Adams ( from the CS undergraduate department to post)
  • UMD CS undergrad facebook group (which you appear to need to be a CS undergrad at the university to be able to post in):
  • Flyers in buildings relevant to specific majors, particularly CSIC (CS majors), BPS (psychology majors), and SPH (healthcare-related majors)
  • CSIC building TV board advertisements; (Contact Brandi Adams with ppt slide)
  • Hornbake building TV board advertisements; (Contact David Jensen with ppt slide)
  • There are many student clubs related to HCI/design.
    • American institute of graphic artists
    • Association for computing machinery
    • Cyber security club
    • Mobile app developers
    • Game developers' club
    • Terrapin hackers
    • The full list and contact information can be found at
  • Chalking advertisements on the ground at major hubs of walking traffic on campus (in the middle of the mall, in front of Stamp, in front of the Diners, around the CS building, etc.)
  • Maker fairs, hackathons, and other similar events. We may not be able to advertise at the event itself, but students attending will likely have meetings beforehand or email lists, and might let us get out a quick blurb about a relevant talk
  • Professors already involved in BBLs who teach relevant classes and are willing to send out an email, say something in a class, or let one of us come in and give a quick pitch