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Notes and Hints for the HCIL coordinators (and directors) to find what they need:

WARNING this is a public page, so think twice before creating links. Indicating the presence of something and where to find it is usually enough of a clue to help someone get started.


The hcil website uses WordPress installed on a off-campus hosting site used by the iSchool See iSchool staff to get access

Historical note: the site was on a CS server before, and many old project webpages still live there. The TRs and old video files still live there.

Adding "News" items: add a "Post" in Wordpress In general best is easier to duplicate an existing news item and modify it.

To make updates to faculty, students or sponsors: use the Participant Database on the left side of page.

When you add someone you can also email them the url of New To The HCIL wikipage If removing someone: add them in our hcil-aluum list (best is to ask them if they have a personal address we can use) and make sure to add them to the alumni webpage (edited normally in wordpress, not in the database).


Timeline: there is a ???

Preparing the program: there is a Google Doc with restricted access called "HCIL Symposium program - Notes re: preparation and refinement" explaining the process.

Registration: so far it is handled by software created by Anne. Payment handled by campus. Not easy to setup...



There (WAS) a team of 2 GRA students responsible for organizing the BBL. See They will need help with the food ordering

Desk assignment The iSchool assigns offices to faculty. Beth assigns cubicles to students (second floor only). HINTS: there is a google doc document summarizing the process (named: HCIL - CUBICLE / DESK ASSIGNMENT - but do not link to it!) and a Working Document google doc to keep track of who is where, called "CUBICLE / DESK assignment Working Document (2ndfloorCubicles-HCILetc)" In short: if a student wants or needs a desk, their advisor sends email to Beth. Before start of semester Beth emails all the faculty we need to hear from before assigning desks, I.e. everyone on 2nd floor Then there is a set of guidelines listed in both google docs. Goal is: everyone should have a desk before the semester starts. Cubicle Assignment Labels: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tLcELKwZ_3Oahm6ttcPUYQzZ2-1NBmAtoP7EiuKqtWk/edit

Lab supplies

Printer toner - ????

Kitchenette equipment: soap, sponges etc. Keep an eye on it. When it runs out: Most of the time people who use it buy more , but supplies may be purchased in preparation of special events as well, or along with kidsteam supplies.

Coffee: coffee drinkers buy their own coffee - see note above the sink and in "new to hcil" page.

Lab cleaning: the professional cleaning staff does NOT take care of the sink, fridge or microwave. Lab members have to take turn cleaning it, but it may need to be "coordinated" once in a while with reminders... Defrosting a very frosty fridge requires warning people, then moving it forward to open the door wide, then putting a plastic box and towels in and under it to catch the water.

Lab maintenance Keys, including cubicle keys: advisor need to ask the ischool (Daisy as of 2017) or at least be cc:ed to confirm that it is ok. Temperature adjustments, problems: ask the iSchool (Daisy as of 2017) Other things ???

Projector in the lab High res projector + good sound. 2 ways to connect: RGB or HDMI. Controls are on the wall. There is a remote but useful ONLY in RBG mode to change aspect ratio. HighRes/HighLuminosity” projector 1920x1200 – 4000 Lumens EPSON 5450WU This is "our/HCIL" own projector, purchased by Ben and Catherine with a grant.