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  • Use the COLOR PRINTER ONLY WHEN YOU NEED COLOR. (The black ink on the color printer is TWICE as expensive as the black ink on the b/w printer.)
  • Always print DOUBLE-SIDED to save paper
  • Ask your adviser if you are not sure where the paper for your needs is supposed to come from


  • Consider printing/copying in your home department which will have better printing capability (e.g. CS or UMIACS)
  • e.g. for CS students see: to print in AVW
  • Someone can add info for the iSchool folks here >>> ??? <<<


Use Black and White printer whenever possible because its ink is cheaper (even than the black ink on the color printer).

Printing in Black and White

Our black and white printer is a Brother HL-5450DN Laser Printer. It has automatic duplexing (just like the color printer). We prefer that you use the black and white printer for a majority of your printing and the color printer for your publication submissions (e.g., to investigate how a chart or figure looks printed in color).

B/W Printer Setup: IP Address:

If you need to install the black and white printer, specify the printer using its ip address: and select the Brother HL-5450DN driver (or a generic postscript driver). If you have problems, see Anne Rose to get the installation CD or download it online.

Printing in Color

Cody with the new printer.

Our color printer is a Brother MFC-9970CDW Laser Printer. Here's a link to the manual (PDF). Please be aware that printing in color (even just the black ink) is more than twice as expensive as printing in black and white so please use this printer conservatively.

This printer also scans documents, with both a flatbed and a duplex feeder option, so you can scan two sides at once. It scans up to 1200x2400 dpi. It can also email you the document, if you give it an address. (Nothing else, though, like or will break it.) And, of course, you can copy documents by printing from the flatbed.

It can print duplex, up to 2400x600 dpi, from the network or a USB flash drive at 30 pages/minute.

Color Printer Setup=

Windows Printer Setup

  • Go to "Start->Devices and Printers"
  • Click "Add Printer"
  • Select "Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer"
  • Click "The printer I want isn't listed"
  • Click "Next"
  • Enter as the hostname or IP address (you don't have to fill in port name, it will fill automatically)
Wait...a long time...
  • You will get a prompt saying "additional port information required". Click "Next"
Wait...a long time...
  • Choose "Brother" in the "Manufacturer" column
  • In the "Printers" column, select "Brother MFC-9970CDW" if it is listed. If it is not, click "Windows Update" and wait...a long time... Then select "Brother MFC-9970CDW".
  • Click "Next"
  • Enter a name for the printer then click "Next"
  • Finally, click "Finish"

Mac Printer Setup

You can add printers in two ways:

  1. From the System Preferences -> Print and Scan -> '+' (Below list of prints on the left)
  2. From a print dialog box -> Printer Drop down -> Add Printer

Both options get you to the Add Printer dialog.

  • Click on the IP icon
  • Select Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP
  • Enter in "" for the address
  • In the lower section, for 'Name' feel free to use whatever name you'd like but including something like "Brother MFC-9970CDW" might be a good choice.
  • Select Print Using: "Select Print Software" -> "Brother MFC-9970CDW CUPS"
If this option isn't available, you may need to download it from the link provided below
  • Click Add

Downloading Drivers

  • Download the CUPS printer driver (from here)
  • Double click and install the dmg (the BrotherCLDrivers.pkg)

Toner Ordering

(Please let Charley know when printer ink is running low, so ey can buy more.) Amazon has a selection of high-yield replacement toner cartridges with yields of approximately 3,500 pages rather than 1,500 (it makes sense to purchase the high-yield cartridges because they offer better value):


Thanks to Cody Dunne for helping Jon setup and configure the printer (it required some heavy lifting and some clever network hacking to get it to work). We locked down the touchscreen "Menu" icon so that you have to enter a password to change the configuration (we did so mainly because we had to setup a number of things and we didn't want them accidentally changed). However, if you need to update a configuration setting, use this password: 2117.