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Most rooms associated with the HCIL should be reserved through the iSchool, though there are some exceptions.

More detailed instructions about scheduling rooms are provided below.

Scheduling Through The iSchool

To reserve a room through the iSchool, you can now use the iSchool's Outlook calendar. This includes the following locations:

  • 2116 (the "fishbowl" conference room)
  • 4th, 2nd, & basement-level classrooms (including room 2119)

To add an event to the iSchool calendar, include as an attendee when scheduling a meeting in your UMD Exchange calendar. These spaces can also be scheduled by contacting Daisy Mason in the iSchool via email at, or, if need be, by phone at 301-405-2033. Please be polite when scheduling rooms; remember, many of these spaces are shared with the whole college.


The HCI Lab (2105) should be reserved using the paper calendar in lab.

Usability Lab, Small Neighboring Room & eDiscovery Lab

The Usability Lab (2118J), the small neighboring room (2118H), and the eDiscovery Lab should be reserved through online calendar. Please contact Carlea or Leah to request access to the calendar.

Other rooms

There are a couple other rooms that may be temporarily available until they are assigned to faculty, including the Cloud Computing Room. Please contact Leah Findlater for instructions about reserving this room. (This is being written August 2014, for a time-reference, with regards to "temporarily.")