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DeWALT DCD771 Cordless Drill


The cordless drill is a great starter tool. Not only is it versatile, allowing you to drill holes of varying sizes in a plethora of materials but also teaches basic tool handling skills, useful for when moving onto other advanced tools.


Training is required to use this tool. The training module can be taken here.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure to clearly mark the center of the hole you will be drilling.
  • Chose the drill bit according to the type of material you will be drilling into and how big you want the hole to be.
  • Make sure the bit is centered and secured in the chuck
  • Don't push the drill bit into the material, apply minimal pressure and let the weight of the drill do the work.
  • Always remember to put the battery on charge after using it on the tool wall.


A pdf copy of the manual can be viewed on the sandbox shared drive here.


  • Drill Bits - The primary consumable for this tool are drill bits. In case you find a bit is missing or is broken in the process of using it, please contact a manager.