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Laser Box Generator Sites

Laser cut boxes are a great project for a maker who has mastered the basics of laser of cutting and engraving and wants to create something more complicated. Boxes continue to be useful and practical projects for all levels of makers. While it is not difficult to design a simple box using a CAD software package or even a design software package such as Adobe Illustrator, the task can quickly become time-consuming when you start adding finger joints, hinged tops, internal dividers, or other features. Boxes are a great example of a project where online generators come in very handy. These resources allow you to quickly get the basic box you need then customize the box with additional features or engravings.


MakerCase is a web-based application for designing boxes or project cases for laser cutters and CNC routers.

MakerCase runs in a web browser and automatically generates a blueprint for cutting based on user specifications. The user enters the desired box dimensions and material thickness, and MakerCase automatically generates a three-dimensional model of the box that can be freely rotated.

MakerCase lets users create boxes with flat edges or interlocking edges using finger joints. MakerCase can also generate open and closed boxes.

When the box design is complete, the MakerCase flattens the three-dimensional model into blueprint and generates an SVG or DXF file that can be sent directly to a laser cutter or CNC router. For cutting, MakerCase can compensate for the kerf or laser beam width or add dogbone fillets on inside corners for CNC routing.

Download File Type: SVG or DXF is an open-source box generator with a very robust library of box designs many of which have lids, live hinges, internal dividers, and other features.

Boxes․py is free software licensed under GPL v3+. There is also an Inkscape plug-in for and you can use Python code to create your own generators. additional examples and documentation

Download File Type: AI, DXF, GCODE, PDF, PLT, PS, or SVG

Make A Box

Nice simple box making site

Download File Type: PDF

A box design site with a few interesting options, including adding dividers, adding rails to hold internal shelves, making frames, cutting truss-like features into panels, and adding a sloped end.

Download File Type: DXF

BoxDesigner (and more)

A box designer site with many different box designs and also paper craft designs including pop-up cards. Requires login, use username gcrago. See talk page for more info.


Utility to add joints to an existing box in SVG format (

Other, Non-Box Design Sites

Paper Boxes

Custom-sized papercraft and packaging templates. This site offers templates (also knows as ’dielines‘ or ‘nets’) for paper craft, packaging, package design, learning materials, decoration and much more.

All the models are custom sized. Usually, that includes the length, width and height of an object. Some models also have angles you can customize or an adjustable number of facets.

Download File Type: PDF, SVG and DXF


Laser-Cut Maze Designer

Generator =


Vector Ruler Generator

Download File Type: SVG


Jigsaw Puzzle Generator


Nesting Utility to automatically combine multiple SVG files in most efficient way possible to save material

Kit-O-Mat for Building Models

Requires flash


Involute Spur Gear Builder

An open source, browser based utility for calculating and drawing involute spur gears.

Download File Type: DXF

Gear Designer

Gear designer by Jerome Leary

Download File Type: DXF

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