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To digitally complete a loaner form provided by UMIACS Staff, follow these steps.



  1. Download the form that has been provided by UMIACS staff. Open it in either Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
    • If need be, here is a blank form.
  2. Click on Tools on the top menu, find Fill & Sign under Forms & Signatures, and click Add and/or Open.
  3. Click Fill and sign under the area that says You with the Fill & Sign menu.
  4. Take note of the following notice in the top right of the application and click OK.
  5. Fill out fields that have been specified as appropriate. At minimum, this should be at least the Description of Equipment field for all items, and for any equipment that has a University Inventory Number (red tag) and/or serial number, these fields for that equipment as well. If you have been in contact with UMIACS Staff previously, they may have pre-filled some of these fields for you. Leave the signature field blank.
  6. Click on Sign on the Fill & Sign top menu, and then Add Signature (if you have previously generated a signature, that existing signature will appear instead and you can choose it and skip the next step).
  7. Click Apply at the bottom to use the auto-generated signature from Adobe. You can choose to either draw or upload an image instead if you would like, but the auto-generated one is sufficient.
    Fillable5 sign.png
  8. Place the signature in the signature field. Note that you will not be able to edit the form further after you save the PDF at this point.
  9. Click File in the top left and Save As...
  10. Click Choose a Different Folder... on the Save As PDF menu.
  11. Choose an appropriate location to save the file, rename the file to include the word 'signed', and save the file.
  12. Attach the signed form to the originating request that prompted staff to direct you to this page.