Fixing Stuck Standing Desk

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If your electric adjustable standing desk is stuck, and will no longer move when the up / down button is pressed, try the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the table from outlet / power source
  2. Disconnect the controller cable (blue end) from the power box located either underneath desktop or to desk frame
  3. Disconnect both table leg cables from the M1 and M2 connectors
  4. Connect the cable from the table leg on the same side as the up / down controls to the M1 connector
  5. Note: You must connect a cable to the M1 connector BEFORE connecting anything to the M2 connector
  6. Connect the cable from the second leg to the M2 connector
  7. Reconnect the controller cable (blue end)
  8. Reconnect the table to outlet / power source
  9. Press and hold the down button for 5 seconds, after which you should feel a very slight movement
  10. Note: It is very important that the down button be held for the full 5 seconds

Issues After Steps Above

If your desk either moves in the opposite direction of button pressed, or only moves a short distance before stopping and becoming stuck again, repeat steps listed above but switching which legs go to the M1 and M2 connectors. This will result in the leg on the OPPOSITE side of the up/down controls being connected to the M1 connector first, then the leg on the same side as the up/down controls being connected second.