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Solstice User App

End users can connect to a Solstice display using the Solstice user app.

First time users that have not previously installed the Solstice user software app have two options: download the user app from the Solstice App Downloads page, OR, download the app directly from the host. 

To Download the Solstice User App directly from the host

  1. Open a browser on the user device and enter the IP address visible on the Solstice display. The Solstice Quick Connect page opens.
    Solstice quick connect.png
  2. Click the Get the App & Join
  3. If you are on a laptop, the user app will download and launch automatically. If you are on an Android or iOS device, the appropriate app marketplace will open and display the user app available for download. Once installed, the app will remain on the device for future use and will not need to be installed again.

Solstice User App Interface

When you initially open the user app, you can go to the Enter IP tab to manually enter in the IP address shown on the display’s Welcome Screen.

Below is an example of the Solstice user app interface.

Solstice user app.png