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The Nexus scheduler houses CLIP's new computational partition. Only CLIP lab members are able to run non-interruptible jobs on these nodes.

Submission Nodes

You can SSH to to log in to a submission host.

If you store something in a local directory (/tmp, /scratch0) on one of the two submission hosts, you will need to connect to that same submission host to access it later. The actual submission hosts are:



The CLIP partition has nodes brought over from the previous standalone CLIP Slurm scheduler as well as some more recent purchases. The compute nodes are named clip##.


CLIP users have access to all of the standard job QoSes in the clip partition using the clip account.

The additional job QoSes for the CLIP partition specifically are:

  • huge-long: Allows for longer jobs using higher overall resources.

Please note that the partition has a GrpTRES limit of 100% of the available cores/RAM on the partition-specific nodes in aggregate plus 50% of the available cores/RAM on legacy## nodes in aggregate, so your job may need to wait if all available cores/RAM (or GPUs) are in use.


You will need to specify --partition=clip, --account=clip, and a specific --qos to be able to submit jobs to the CLIP partition.

[username@nexusclip00:~ ] $ srun --pty --ntasks=4 --mem=8G --qos=default --partition=clip --account=clip --time 1-00:00:00 bash
srun: job 218874 queued and waiting for resources
srun: job 218874 has been allocated resources
[username@clip00:~ ] $ scontrol show job 218874
JobId=218874 JobName=bash
   UserId=username(1000) GroupId=username(21000) MCS_label=N/A
   Priority=897 Nice=0 Account=clip QOS=default
   JobState=RUNNING Reason=None Dependency=(null)
   Requeue=1 Restarts=0 BatchFlag=0 Reboot=0 ExitCode=0:0
   RunTime=00:00:06 TimeLimit=1-00:00:00 TimeMin=N/A
   SubmitTime=2022-11-18T11:13:56 EligibleTime=2022-11-18T11:13:56
   StartTime=2022-11-18T11:13:56 EndTime=2022-11-19T11:13:56 Deadline=N/A
   PreemptEligibleTime=2022-11-18T11:13:56 PreemptTime=None
   SuspendTime=None SecsPreSuspend=0 LastSchedEval=2022-11-18T11:13:56 Scheduler=Main
   Partition=clip AllocNode:Sid=nexusclip00:25443
   ReqNodeList=(null) ExcNodeList=(null)
   NumNodes=1 NumCPUs=4 NumTasks=4 CPUs/Task=1 ReqB:S:C:T=0:0:*:*
   Socks/Node=* NtasksPerN:B:S:C=0:0:*:* CoreSpec=*
   MinCPUsNode=1 MinMemoryNode=8G MinTmpDiskNode=0
   Features=(null) DelayBoot=00:00:00
   OverSubscribe=OK Contiguous=0 Licenses=(null) Network=(null)


All data filesystems that were available in the standalone CLIP cluster are also available in Nexus.

CLIP users can also request Nexus project allocations.