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Printer Queues

UMIACS uses a centralized print server to manage all of the printers in the Institute. See Printing for more details specific to your OS. We have developed a naming scheme for our printer queues based on the colors the printer can produce, the type of queue, the building number, and the room number.

The naming scheme is as follows:

  • All color printers begin with a "c". Black & white is the default so nothing extra is needed.
  • Then either "ps" for a PostScript-enabled queue or "pcl" for a Printer Command Language-enabled queue will appear. PostScript and PCL are types of printer drivers. If you are unsure what this means, use "ps" for PostScript.
  • Then add the building number and a dash ("-"). E.g. add "432-" for IRB. Note that printers in AVW do not have this convention for legacy reasons.
  • Then add the room number. E.g. If the printer is in room 3208, add "3208".

Some examples:

  • ps432-3208 is a black & white printer in Iribe 3208.
  • cps4430a is a color printer in A.V. Williams 4430a.