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These signature rooms have a primary coordinator and a backup moderator. The touch panels will not allow walk up reservations for these rooms; all reservations need to go through the moderation process. You may create a reservation by adding the room in Google Calendar. The moderator will be notified and can approve your request.

Instructions on reserving a room are here.

Room Name Occupancy Primary Moderator Backup Notes
IRB-1127 None 12 Sharron McElroy Miriam Friedman
IRB-2137 Naresh and Nidhi Gupta Conference Room 12 Sharron McElroy Miriam Friedman
IRB-3137 None 24 Elizabeth Hontz Danae Johnson
IRB-3256* None 8 Barbara Lewis Danae Johnson
IRB-4105 Feng Peng and Xin Lei Classroom 48 Sharron McElroy Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4107 Raymond Miller Seminar Room 20 Sharron McElroy Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4109 None 20 Sharron McElroy Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4137 None 12 Elizabeth Hontz Danae Johnson
IRB-4237 Adobe Conference Room 12 Janice Perrone Danae Johnson
IRB-5105 None 24 Sharron McElroy Danae Johnson
IRB-5137 Howard Gobioff Conference Room 18 Sharron McElroy Danae Johnson
IRB-5165 None 16 Sharron McElroy Danae Johnson Currently unfurnished
IRB-5237 None 12 Dana Purcell Danae Johnson

(*) = does not have a room PC

Large Seminar Capabilities

3137 and 4105 are the two large seminar rooms.

  • Dual Display (Projector and LCD)
  • Dual camera conferencing via room PC
  • Laptop presentation via HDMI or Mersive Solstice
  • Blu-ray playback, TV tuner
  • Lectern

Small Seminar and Large Conference Room Capabilities

Every other room on this page has the following setup.

  • Single Display (LCD)
  • Single camera conferencing via room PC -- except room 3256
  • Laptop presentation via HDMI or Mersive Solstice

Conference Rooms with Phone Capabilities

Some IRB conference rooms have soft dialing enabled from the Crestron pads.

To answer a call: Start the system, select phone, and hit the "dial/answer" button. To dial out, use prefix 91 for external numbers. (For campus extensions, there is no need for prefix just dial the 5 digit extension.) Below are the list of phone numbers associated with the conference rooms.

Room Phone Number
IRB-1127 301-314-9961
IRB-2137 301-314-9963
IRB-4107 301-314-9952
IRB-4109 301-314-9953
IRB-4137 301-314-9968
IRB-4237 301-314-9972
IRB-5105 301-314-9958
IRB-5107 301-314-9974
IRB-5137 301-314-9979
IRB-5161 301-314-9983
IRB-5165 301-314-9959
IRB-5237 301-314-9990