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Vision for the workshop
Envisioning the Next Generation Financial Cyberinfrastructure: Transforming the Monitoring and Regulation of Systemic Risk
Louiqa Raschid
Six Use Cases of Financial Modeling and Analysis
From the Report of the 2010 NSF Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Systemic Risk
Mark Flood and Pete Kyle and Louiqa Raschid
2012 Annual Report of the Office of Financial Research [3]

Systemic Risk and Data

Monitoring Financial Stability in a Complex World 
Mark Flood and Alan Mendelowitz and Bill Nichols
Using Data for Systemic Financial Risk Management
Mark Flood and H.V. Jagadish and Pete Kyle and Frank Olken and Louiqa Raschid
Conference on Innovations in Data Systems Research (CIDR2011) pages 144-147.
Data for Systemic Risk 
H.V. Jagadish

Data and Analysis

Unleashing the Power of Public Data for Financial Risk. Measurement, Regulation, and Governance.
Mauricio Hernandez, Howard Ho, Georgia Koutrika, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Lucian Popa, Ioana Stanoi, 
Shivakumar Vaithyanathan, Sanjiv Das
Trading Networks
Lada Adamic and Celso Brunetti and Jeffrey Harris and Andrei Kirilenko
Fiscal Policy, Governance, Citizenry and Financial Indicators: Modeling through the Lens of Social Media
Louiqa Raschid
Strategic Interactions on Financial Networks for the Analysis of Systemic Risk�
Ethan Cohen-Cole and Andrei Kirilenkoz and Eleonora Patacchinix


Legal Entity Identifier
LEI document from Financial Stability Board


Workshop on Knowledge Representation and Information Management for Financial Risk Management
Mark Flood and Pete Kyle and Louiqa Raschid

Ancient History

Database Management for Life Science Research: Summary Report of the Workshop on Data Management for 
Molecular and Cell Biology at the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, February 2-3, 2003. 
H.V. Jagadish and Frank Olken 
OMICS 7(1): 131-137 (2003)

Tools and Datasets

Karsha Open Source Project / Lanka Software Foundation. 
Document Markup using FIBO Terms and Semantic Search Engine [13] [admin/admin] 
deployed on the Stratos Cloud from WS02 [14].
Others tools and datasets from Louiqa Raschid's BMGT 499B course, Spring 2012 [15]