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Practice Talks

List your: Name - Time - Place - Title for CHI practice talks

Name Time Location Title
Matthew Mauriello 4/2 1:30 Hornbake 2105 (BBL) Understanding the role of thermography in energy auditing: current practices and the potential for automated solutions
Meethu Malu 4/2 1:30 Hornbake 2105 (BBL) Personalized, Wearable Control of a Head-mounted Display for Users with Upper Body Motor Impairments
Fan Du 4/9 1:30 Hornbake 2105 (BBL) Trajectory Bundling for Animated Transitions
Leyla Norooz 4/9 1:30 Hornbake 2105 (BBL) BodyVis
Kristin Williams 4/14 1:45 Hornbake 2105 Designing Conversation Cues for Head-worn Displays to Support Persons with Aphasia
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