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To request an account for the HCIL website Wordpress: ask the coordinator or the ischool IT folks + your advisor)

Wordpress Basics Wordpress is a content management system that enables people to build, design, and update beautiful websites without knowledge of programming and coding. There are five important vocabulary words that are important to understand when using Wordpress.

  1. Dashboard: The dashboard is where authorized users access the backend to edit, update, and modify the website.
  2. Theme: The Theme provides the entire website's visual aesthetic, visual design, colors, fonts, etc.. The website can only have one theme.
  3. Pages: The Pages are where users build, update, and delete consistent web content. Examples include "Contact Us", "About", etc.
  4. Posts: The Posts are where users can share news, blog posts, and other informational updates. Posts can look alot like Pages.
  5. Plugins: Plugins are special features that other programmers build and that you can download and install on your website. A good security practice is to never download a plugin unless it as at least 70,000 users and is compatible with your Theme.

To login in WordPress dashboard Go to hcil.umd.edu/wp-admin Use your UMD directory ID to login

To add an event Thats the easiest thing: add a new Wordpress Event! No need to select any categories (see special case of the symposium below). It will automatically list that event on the Event list, remove it when the date is past.

Adding/Editing/Deleting People Go to Teams on left side Locate Correct Category [Faculty/Students/Alumni/Collaborators]Click edit under category.

  1. To Add a person, scroll to bottom of page and click Add a member.
  2. To Delete a person, click trash can next to person's profile
  3. To Edit a person, locate the individual by scrolling. You can edit their bio, photo and social media links [especially Personal Webpage, Twitter & Medium links]in profile. To save, click Update at top of page

Symposium Page

Updating WordPress

Redirects Under TOOLS there is a Redirect tool. We already have many. You can forward anything that starts with hcil.umd.edu to another of our page, or outside


Most content on the HCIL is organized by pages. Similar to posts, you can add new pages, add media to pages, organize, tag and add a category and featured images. For pages, featured images appear at the top of the page.

Adding Media

Click on the media tab on the left dashboard, click "Add new" and select the file you want. Your file will appear as https://hcil.umd.edu/wp-content/uploads/Year/Month/name.extension, e.g. https://hcil.umd.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/test.png

  • Make sure to name the file appropriately before uploading - you will not be able to edit the file's URL after uploading*
  1. Edit images properties: In the image library, click on the image, and click on "edit image" below the image. In the attachment details page, you will be able to rotate images, scale and crop the image.
  2. Delete images: In the image library, click on the image, and click "Delete Permanently"

to Edit the top Menus

To edit the HCIL menu (at the top right), look in "Appearance" in the left dashboard. Drag menu items around to change their position and hierarchy.

to edit the look of Pages The appearance tab on the left dashboard leads to the template which can be edited to make changes the visual appearance of the website. You can change themes, customize website visual design, change widgets. In editor, you can see the website code. Be very careful... Make copies before changing things.

  1. Themes - change the website theme.
  2. Customize - customize website theme colors/header/background image/homepage settings
  3. Widgets - customize widgets for different parts of the website
  4. Editor - See the style sheet and pHp files. You cannot directly edit the code in the editor, even though several links are hardcoded. You can make link edits in cPanel or by uploading an updated file via FTP.