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HCIL Symposium 2014

Information on various demos for Symposium 2014 Please add your name, name of your demo and your demo location in the table below: (Please note that we will be in CSIC, not the HCIL. Please list _all_ equipment you need b/c it will need to be brought over. If you need equipment, you may be asked to help carry equipment/set it up. Desktops will *not* have internet.)

Number Name Title Lab Monitor/Personal Laptop/Lab Desktop/Posters Need to print poster? Near other poster/demo?
1. Megan Monroe, Sana Malik, Chris Imbriano, or Fan Du Eventflow

3. Adil Yalcin Keshif: A simple, rich and general facet-based visualization Demo on personal laptop (I can use a larger monitor), poster
4. Tak Yeon Lee Tandem: an End-user Programming for Web Automatization Demo on personal laptop with personal monitor
5. Daniel Pauw Kitchen Chemistry & ScienceKit
6. Zahra Ashktorab TBD poster

7. Jinyoung Kim New mothers' SNS use and psychological well-being poster No

8. Karen Rust, Meethu Malu, Lisa Anthony, or Leah Findlater, User-defined Gestures by Children and Adults poster

9. Karen Rust, Elizabeth Foss, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Brenna McNally,

Chelsea Hordatt, Meethu Malu, Bie Mei or Hubert Kofi Gumbs

Interactive and Live Performance Design with Children poster

10. Leyla Norooz BodyVis: A wearable, e-textile, auto-sensing shirt for teaching anatomy and physiology to children Poster, Lab monitor (I'll bring my own laptop) No BodyVis prototypes should be next to the BodyVis poster
11. Anne Rose Synchronous Classroom Interaction: Using technology to take advantage of being face-to-face Poster (unfortunately I need to leave before the demos but poster can still be displayed on easel) Yes
12. Ruofei Du HandSight: How to guide Blind Users to read text on the go using Audio and Haptic feedback? Demo Not
13. Sana Malik Comparing Groups of Event Sequences A Visual Analytics Approach demo (personal laptop), poster Yes Near EventFlow poster.
14. Kotaro Hara Combining Human Computation and Computer Vision to Make the World More Accessible demo (personal laptop), poster

15. Kent Norman and Caroline Pitts Analysis of Video Game Journals poster sent for printing
16. Meethu Malu StarryNights: An educational tool to learn astronomy and electronics! demo
17. Kristin Williams Music Notes: A way to record music on sticky notes demo
18. Anis Abboud Math Blox: Tangible math quizzes game!

Liquid Lights: Tangible interactive version of the classic Lights Out game. (Part of CMSC838F with Prof. Jon Froehlich.)