Symposium Deadlines 2015

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HCIL Symposium 2015

Date Due
May 7 1 page (single spaced, single sided) talk abstracts due for printing (if you are giving a talk)-- you MUST use the Templates
May 8 Tech reports, news items, and list of research sponsors due
May 13, 9am posters due for printing--Templates
May 13, 9am last day to give Charley any Workshop/Tutorial items for printing - anything after this date will need to be printed by the organizer.
May 19-21 Practice Talk days - everyone is welcome to come give feedback on talks
May 21, 9am final slides due for testing at CSIC
May 22, 9am bagging prep day
May 26, 9am Prep for bagging day (a few volunteers)
May 27, 9am last day to give Charley materials for inclusion in Symposium bags (must already be printed by this date)
May 27, 10am bagging, badges, signs, set-up, and moving day & free pizza!
May 28 Symposium!

- CHI is April 18-23, 2015. Please plan accordingly.