Travel Reimbursement

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This is mostly for UMIACS professors or people who work for them. Otherwise, ask Charley or see the person in charge of travel in your college/department. However, most departments need similar information from travelers.

Before you travel, you need to do a Travel Approval Request. Please send the following information to (If you are paying from multiple accounts/departments or have visitors, please talk to Charley in advance instead of waiting.)

  • Last name
  • First name
  • email/phone number (my use)
  • SSN (if not American, I need copies of Visa and Passport)
  • Department you are traveling for (department whose account is paying)
  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Trip purpose (conference attending, papers/workshops presented, meetings with whom)
  • You must make every effort to use an American carrier. If you cannot, please say so here.
  • Do you want to be reimbursed for food? y/n
  • FRS account number
  • airfare/commuter train ticket costs
  • hotel costs
  • phone/fax/internet costs
  • ground transportation (taxis, metro, parking) costs
  • car rental costs
  • car mileage (# of miles is fine)
  • conference fee (+membership fee if required or much cheaper that way)
  • other costs (tell me the crazy stuff in advance)

When you return, please send/give me the following, so I can do a Travel Expense Statement to reimburse you:

  • All of your original receipts (except for food)
  • How much you think you spent on food (under $42/day; B-8, L-10, D-24 for partial day travel)
  • (International visitors) Visa and passport copies
  • Your address (if summer time or non employee)
  • Miles driven (from where, to where, miles)
  • Any adjustments to your travel from what you said before
  • Anything I should know

Once this is completed, you must sign the reimbursement paperwork, even if you are a non-employee who lives really far away. If it isn't possible, let me know, and I will issue a letter with a deadline by which you must sign the paperwork. If you let the deadline pass, then I can sign instead.

If you're traveling internationally, the per diem is different. Talk to me, and we'll sort it out. Also, if you are missing receipts, you can submit a credit card statement. Generally, if there's a problem, talk to me, and we can try to work it out.