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Updates to the HCIL website are often made a variety of HCIL staff, students and faculty. This page provides a resource for those who have obtained direct permission to make changes.

Login an administrator: Ask the HCIL coordinator to generate an account for your email. They will send you a temporary password you can login with here:

This basic login will allow you to add posts, pages, and content, change menus, and redirect within the new HCIL site.

To create a new post or page:

  • Posts > Add new
  • Pages > Add new

To add a photo or video, either copy and paste, or upload to the media library:

  1. Insert > Add Media
  2. Then add content to the page

To edit the HCIL menu bar: Appearance > Menus

To redirect within the new site:

  1. Tools > Redirection
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and add a new source and target

Pages that require special permissions or access to the database:

How to do this:

Redirecting from the Old HCIL site: