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Getting Started, or the quick guide for everyone just discovering Sandbox

When people visit the Singh Sandbox maker space for the first time, many ask very similar questions. Some comment that it's hard to figure out what the rules are and what they're supposed to do to become part of our maker space community.

While many of these sorts of questions (such as "How do I get started working here?" or "What do I have to do to join?") are addressed in our FAQ page, we thought it would be even more helpful to provide a quick list here of what you need to do to get started working in the Singh Sandbox Maker Space.

✔ Take a tour, check it out, look around, ask questions

You may have already done this but it's worth doing again so you find out as much as possible about our space before you sign on. Ask questions, check out our tools. We want to meet your expectations but it's impossible to have every tool. We don't want you to be upset that we don't have a metal-cutting laser or a table saw in our wood shop.

✔ Enroll in our ELMS/Canvas online training course

We provide tool training on the university ELMS/Canvas learning management system. Because this isn't a class you've registered for, we need you to manually enroll in our course. It's easy, it's free, and it's at

✔ Complete the introduction ELMS/Canvas module.

Once you've enrolled in our ELMS/Canvas course, read the introduction module, watch the video, and take the short safety quiz. Doing this is required to use Sandbox.

✔ Complete one or more of the Canvas tool training modules

Once you've completed the introduction on ELMS/Canvas, we suggest you check out the other training modules and choose a few that interest you. For most, you don't need to take them in any particular order but you must complete the module and score 100% on the module quiz before you can use that tool.

✔ Register in our swipe system

The computer screen just inside our front door is where you sign-in each time you want to use Sandbox. It's very important for us to track usage and to ensure everyone using the space has been trained and understands the rules. The first time you sign in we ask for your name and email which takes a minute or two. After that, you can quickly swipe in and just tell us what tool(s) you plan to use. There's no need to swipe out but if you come back to use different tools in the same day, it's helpful if you swipe in again and choose the new tool.