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Auto-accept rooms will allow users to schedule them from the panel (12 hours in advance for up to 2 hours at a time) or through UMD's Google Calendar interface. The room will auto-accept the reservation if there is no conflict on the calendar.

Instructions on reserving a room are here.

Room Occupancy Notes
IRB-1119 6
IRB-2119 6
IRB-2143 6
IRB-3119 6
IRB-4119 6
IRB-4145 6
IRB-5107 12
IRB-5111 6
IRB-5119 6
IRB-5161 12

Large Conference Room Capabilities

Rooms 5107 and 5161 have the following setup.

  • Single Display (LCD)
  • Single camera conferencing via room PC
  • Laptop presentation via HDMI or Mersive Solstice

Small Conference Room Capabilities

Every other room on this page has the following setup.

  • Single Display (LCD)
  • Software Conferencing via room PC
  • Laptop presentation via HDMI or Mersive Solstice

Conference Rooms with Phone Capabilities

Some auto-accept IRB conference rooms have soft dialing enabled from the Crestron pads.

To answer a call: Start the system, select phone, and hit the "dial/answer" button. To dial out, use prefix 91 for external numbers. (For campus extensions, just dial the 5 digit extension.) Below are the list of phone numbers associated with auto-accept conference rooms.

Room Phone Number
IRB-5107 301-314-9974
IRB-5161 301-314-9983