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This page will show you how to reserve rooms through Google Calendar. Most all the steps will generally be the same for moderated and auto-accept rooms with the former requiring an additional step at the end for moderation to happen.


  1. Navigate to
    GoogleCalendar Initial.png

  2. Ensure that you are logged into your UMD account. Only these accounts can schedule rooms. Switch or add an account if not, Google has instructions here. When adding an account you will be prompted by Google for your email/phone this is your username that you login into the UMD Central Authentication System (CAS) appended with For example You will then be redirected to the UMD CAS login page if you don't have a current session open.
    GoogleCalendar AccountSelector.png

  3. Click "Create" to start adding event details. Then click "More options" to get a fuller view.
    GoogleCalendar CreateEvent.png

  4. Search for the room you wish to schedule by clicking the "Rooms" tab on the right.
    GoogleCalendar EventDetails.png

  5. Rooms are of the form "IRB XXXX". Search for yours. Note: You can search available rooms only or all rooms.
    GoogleCalendar RoomsSelector.png

  6. Finish filling out your event details.
    GoogleCalendar Event detailsFinished.png

  7. Hit "Save" and your event will be created. Moderated rooms will send email to the moderator(s) at this point. However, if this is an auto-accept room, you're done.
    GoogleCalendar Created.png