UMIACS Public Printers

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Access to Public Printers

If you need to print but there are no printers accessible in your lab, we have four locations across multiple floors in the Iribe Center with publicly accessible printers.

Public Printers in room 3208

Color Printer: cps432-3208
Black/White Printer: ps432-3208

Public Printers in room 4149

Color Printer: cps432-4149
Black/White Printer: ps432-4149

Public Printers in room 4208

Color Printer: cps432-4208
Black/White Printer: ps432-4208

Public Printers in room 5208

Color Printer: cps432-5208
Black/White Printer: ps432-5208

How to Print

If you are unsure of how to connect to these printers, please see our other articles on printing in UMIACS.
Selecting A Print Queue (Color/Driver)
UNIX Printing Guide (Linux and Solaris)
Windows Printing Guide
macOS Printing Guide
Printing from the wireless or Non-UMIACS Networks