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Project Introduction

World Federation of Exchanges provides monthly statistics on major stock, futures, and options exchanges across the world. As for the first step data from the world-exchange site would be used to create a Linked Open Data resource. However they haven’t make use of FIBO terms but used their own definitions. Most of the date related to amounts, market cap, holdings which are not covered in current release of the FIBO. We are expecting at future releases of FIBO or some other ontology will have definitions for exchanges and markets and we could link them with the ontology definitions.

For purpose of analyzing of these data, we may also want to use various mathematical methods like Fourier transformations.

Software Deliverables

Tool to retrieve metadata from the world-exchange site and store in a database.

Publish metadata as a Linked Open Data resource in RDF format.

SPARQL query interface to query data stored in the RDF format.

Reading List

Trading Networks Lada Adamic and Celso Brunetti and Jeffrey Harris and Andrei Kirilenko

Tutorials on RDF/ SPARQL and Linked Open Data

Possible WSO2 tools that can be used