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= HCIL Symposium =
= HCIL Symposium =
* [[HCIL Symposium 2017]]
* [[HCIL Symposium 2017]]
* [[HCIL Symposium 2016]]
* [[Past symposia]]
* [[Past symposia]]

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Welcome to the HCIL wiki. Log in with your UMD Directory ID and credentials to edit.

New to the HCIL? Get started with some here: New To The HCIL

Brown Bag Lunch

The HCIL community has an open semi-organized weekly "brown bag lunch" where we eat and discuss something about someone's work or a topic of current interest to the HCIL faculty or students. This might be a software demo or review, a study design, a proposed research topic in an early stage, an introduction to a new person, etc.

HCIL Symposium

CHI Paper Clinic

Internal Labs

The HCIL is home to a number of internal research groups lead by different faculty. Resources pertaining to these groups are listed below. To see a list of active HCIL members, projects, technical reports, etc., visit the HCIL Web Site.

Makeability Lab

Inclusive Design Lab


NetCHI Lab


Other Support