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Ace:AM Config Reference

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Here's a list of all parameters that may appear in the aceam.xml tomcat config file.

ims (required)
hostname of the Integrity Management service (ie, Unless you run your own IMS, this will likely not need changed
ims.port (optional) (since 1.4.4)
port which the ims runs on (default 8080)
ims.tokenclass (optional)
Token class to use on the IMS (default SHA-256) do not change unless you have run and have modified your ims (since 1.4.4)
auto.audit.disable (optional)
start the AM with scheduled auditing disabled (default: false), set to 'true' to start with auditing paused
throttle.maxaudit (optional)
Number of maximum full and partial audits that may run at once (default 3)
throttle.wait (optional)
Force an audit to wait at least the specified time (in ms) between file open requests. This is good for controlling fs metadata queries when a collection has many small files
throttle.bps (optional)
Max bps that any one audit will pull
mail.server (Required if mailing reports)
mail server to use when mailing reports
mail.from (Required if mailing reports)
what address should e-mailed reports appear to originate from