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PAWN is a mature software platform that is extremely flexible in implementing centralized and distributed ingestion and processing workflows. It is built on an infrastructure-independent scalable, secure, and reliable architecture.

PAWN was designed to handle the ingest process from producer-archive agreement through final publishing of objects in long term repository. To support this part of an objects lifecycle, PAWN provides the following functionality:

  • Organization of all possible data types into easy to use templates used to create packages
  • A mechanism for collecting item level approval and reject marks as well as a way of specifying which marks are required.
  • A mechanism to allow users to have customizable roles rather than locking users into predefined roles.
  • Allow automated and manual process chains to be defined and executed on data in PAWN. In addition, allow these chains to be customized depending on record set and template requirements.
  • Through domains, different producer-archive agreements may be specified and operate independently on the same software infrastructure.

Case Studies