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ACE (Auditing Control Environment) is a system that incorporates a new methodology to address the integrity of long term archives using rigorous cryptographic techniques. ACE continuously audits the contents of the various objects according to the policy set by the archive, and provides mechanisms for an independent third-party auditor to certify the integrity of any object.

ACE consists of two components, the first an Audit Manager(AM) that checks files locally to ensure they have not been compromised. The second part, the Integrity Management Service (IMS), issues tokens that the AM can use to verify that its local store of file digests has not been tampered with.

Anyone wishing to audit their files with ACE only needs to install an Audit Manager locally to manage their files. The ADAPT project runs a publically available IMS at that any group may freely use.

Audit Manager Integrity Management Service
Download Audit Manager System Documentation
User Guide IMS Webservice
Discussion List Validating Tokens and Witnesses
Upgrade Audit Manager IMS Witness Google Goup
AM Configuration Options IMS Witness UMIACS listserv
Comparing Collections IMS Installation Guide
Gitlab Project Repo
Development Documentation
Auditor Application
Step by Step installation instructions

Papers and Presentations

  • Smorul, M., Song, S., and JaJa, J. An Implementation of the Audit Control Environment(ACE) to Support the Long Term Integrity of Digital Archives. in DigCCurr 2009. 2009: University of North Carolina.pdf presentation ppt
  • ACE Presentation at Archiving 2007 (5/07) ppt
  • Song, S. and JaJa, J. ACE: A Novel Software Platform to Ensure the Integrity of Long Term Archives. in Archiving 2007. 2007: IS&T. pdf

Development of the ACE Version1.0 release was partially sponsored by the US National Archives and Records Administration. The basic research on ACE was partially sponsored under a DIGARCH grant from NSF/Library of Congress.