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The following is a list of all the different types of messages the Audit Manager log files. The authoritative list is stored in the java class file

Short, descriptive names used in summary reports are listed in parenthesis.

Normal Operating Messages

(File New) A new file was found and will be audited as part of this collection.
(File Missing) A file or directory was removed from auditing. This was done by someone logged into the web interface
(Add Token) New token from IMS added for this file. This should be seen soon after a FILE_NEW entry. This indicates a proof was received from the IMS that will be used to verify the hash for a file.
(File Audit Start) Auditing of files in a collection was started.
(File Audit Finish) Auditing of files in a collection finished.
(Token Audit Start) Auditing of hashes in a collection started.
(Token Audit Finish) Auditing of hashes in a collection finished.

Messages for missing or corrupt files

(File Missing) The file no longer exists in the collection. If the file was deleted on purpose, you should use the ace file browser to remove the file from auditing.
(Corrupt File) The file exists, but has changed since the it was entered into the audit manager. The details for the message will contain the old and new checksums of the file. If this is expected, you should .....
(Read Error) There was an error reading the file. The file will be marked as missing after this error. This could be caused by the underlying storage is going bad, a network error. You should try to access the file on your own and re-run the audit if nothing appears to be wrong.
(Create Token Error) There was an error creating a token for the given file. TODO: what causes this
(Missing Token) A file has been registered for monitoring, but no token or hash has been stored yet. This may be caused by a network problem with the IMS or the audit was stopped before all tokens were registered. A new run of the audit should fix this.
(Digest Token Mismatch) A token and hash failed auditing. This means that either the proof for a hash, or the hash itself is not correct.
(Collection Unaccessable) A collection was unavailable for auditing. This could be network or storage related. Check to see if you can access the files on your own and re-run the audit

Recovery Messages

You will see these types of messages when a file was previously marked as missing, corrupt or otherwise 'bad'. These messages mean that whatever problem existed before has since been corrected.

(File Online) A file that was previously corrupt or missing has now been found to be present and intact.
(Token Digest Revalidated) A hash and proof that previously failed auditing was found to be valid.

System Errors

(System Error) An unexpected error on the server occurred. The server may have run out of memory, database crashed, disk died or other problem on the Audit Manager. You should check the server log files for more details.
(Unknown) Some type of unknown message got logged. This should never occur and the server log files should be checked for more details. This may occur if the wrong version of the Audit manager is running against a newer database.
(IMS Error) An unexpected error occured trying to register tokens or retrieve CSI's for proofs/hashes. This is likely due to the network being down. Try to connect to the ims at and re-run the audit once the network problem is fixed.