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About Fider

Fider is a Java library that helps identify the file format by using the file's extension and magic numbers. It currently identifies ten file formats: US-ASCII, GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, Adobe PDF, TIFF,MPEG(Video),MEPG/MP3, WAVE and AVI. Fider is designed in a way that it can extend its support to other formats very easily. Without modifying its source code, an independently developed format module can be nicely plugged in. The way how to develope such a module will be documented in the near future.

How to Use Fider

If an application wants to use Fider to identify a file format, it can do the followings:

  • Import edu.umd.umiacs.adapt.fider package.
  • Make an instance of edu.umd.umiacs.adapt.fider.FRClientInterface class.
  • Call getFormatType() method with the path to the format-unknown file as its parameter.

The signature of getFormatType is as follows: public static java.lang.String getFormatType(java.lang.String strFile)

Class Diagram of Fider

Fider Class Diagram v1.0.jpg